Muldersdrift Restaurant

zonki shebeenMuldersdrift Restaurant at Ekudeni

Ever wondered what happens to old shoes, bicycles and even a forgotten moose head? The answer is simple…they end up at the Zonki “Shebeen” at Ekudeni.

This quirky venue is a great icebreaker when it comes to entertaining special guests or hosting intimate parties and year-end functions.

Constructed out of reclaimed building material this Muldersdrift restaurant has its own bar along with a very special menu… and of course the house speciaity is served in Quart bottles!

Who needs TV or live entertainment when the décor will keep guests entertained for hours?

Zonki “Shebeen”

This new addition to Ekudeni offers guests a new entertainment experience; dine on traditional indigenous food served in unique style. Never tried a Bunnychow before? Now is your opportunity! Named recipe of the month in The Weekender magazine, this is a truly South African dish.
Great ambience and interesting objects will keep you and your guests entertained as you sip traditional drinks served in enamel mugs.


The Ekudeni Zonki “Shebeen” Bunnychow recipe:

  • Half a loaf of bread. (It can be white, brown or a fancy loaf of your own choice)
  • Beef cubes. The quantity will depend on how many you are trying to feed. Good rule of thumb is about 150gm per person (use a good cut of meat as it will add to the overall experience of the final product)
  • Onion, chopped up small or diced. A good idea is to brown before adding to the mix.
  • Carrots chunks make a good change from the usual sliced carrots – boil to soften before adding to the meat and onions
  • It is better that the final “stew” is not too hot, unless of course you like HOT curry
  • Ekudeni’s secret ingredient…I could tell you what it is, but then it would not be a secret ingredient!

Take the half loaf of bread, scoop out the inside, keep the crust you have cut off, )as it will be the lid for the completed bunny chow) fill the hollow interior of the half loaf with the beef curry mix and replace the cut off crust.

Serve on an enamel plate with lots of serviettes (It’s a messy dish to eat, but a whole lot of fun).

Serve with a beer of your choice.

Braai place at Zonki Shebeen,Muldersdrift restaurant

Do you want to know what the Ekudeni secret ingredient is?
Visit the Zonki “Shebeen” @ Ekudeni to experience it first hand.

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