Team-building at Ekudeni

Get MOTIVATED about Business again

Team-building is one of the very best ways to unite people of various backgrounds, beliefs and work ethics. Whilst creating the spirit of Ubuntu and getting team members to work as a single unit, team-building encourages individuals to work together towards a common goal despite their differences.

The team-building venue however plays an important role in the quality and success of the day.  Ekudeni offers 33ha of property upon which team building companies and non- team building companies are able to host activities of all sorts including:

Our on-site team-building venues range from small to large indoor areas, large outdoor spaces (ideal for summer fun) as well as the fun, themed Zonki Shebeen: a favourite amongst those looking at combining team-building, strategizing, great food and fun.

Team Building Venue Accommodation

Ekudeni offers the use of both on and off- site accommodation for companies looking to enjoy an overnight team-building experience. We welcome guests during the week as well as over weekends.

Team – build your way to success…